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How we made Rach’s Rossignol J-Dub splitboard

How to build a splitboard

Rach’s splitboard is finished!

Earlier in the year we were at a Rossignol charity auction and I purchased a new 2009 Rossignol J-Dub 158 with the intention of making a splitboard for Rach. I purchased a Volie splitboard kit online and then spent the next few months phsyc-ing myself up to cut the brand new board in half.

Check out the photos of the process above. It was a relative breeze to cut in half due to the fact the board is a directional twin. This meant we could just run the board down our pre-made fence on the circlar saw without having to make any adjustments. Still very scary though, I wasn’t sure what the board would be like between the screw holes for the bindings.

The Volie kit went together awesome. I decided against using the woodscrews provided in the kit and used M6 T-nuts instead, as I read in forums that they have a habit of coming undone. I would also highly recommend using a pillar drill for all of the holes. I ended up finishing the counter sunk holes in the base with one and it turned out great, with a really even finish.

I had originally intended to mount a metal ski edge on the inside edge of the board but decided against it as I felt it would weaken the wooden edge and potentially increase the chance of de-lam. I used marine grade epxoy to cover all the exposed wood on the edge, in the holes and on the base.

I have some G3 skins for the board but we are still a bit worried about slipping on the inside edge when climbing, so we eventually ended up using splitboard crampons on the bindings, there was definately no slipping when using these!

We’re both excited to give the new board a go and we’ll update the blog with some new photos when she next takes it out next time.

If anyone needs any help with similar projects feel free to send me an email.

**To see the board in action, look at our blog Touring up La Pointe de Chésery**



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