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Touring up La Pointe de Chésery

Touring up La Pointe de Chésery

We set out today to test Rach’s splitboard. The plan was to get to the top of La Pointe de Chésery 2249m.

We went up the Chaux Flurrie from Les Lindaret and then walked right. We got our skis and the board ready near the Fantasticable zipline and then started out for the summit.

It is a nice simple tour, starting off relatively flat and ending up steep. The most direct route to the summit we found was pretty windblown and icy due to it being in the shade most of the day. We ended up taking a slightly less direct route traversing round to the more southerly facing aspect where the snow was softer.

The snow was super fun on the way down. It last snowed 7days ago but there was still 10-15 cm of sun baked pow, all at a nice consistent pitch, great riding!

There is a cliff band at the bottom skiers left so stay right on the decent. There is a telephone pole / power line at the bottom which makes a good reference point, aim to finish up to the right of this. From this point you can see Les Lindaret and the obvious route back to the main bowl.


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